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A maze generator written in javascript, and is able to be printed or played through a web browser. The maze is fully customizable with many options.

Mazesmith 0.7.0 released

Added ability to shift the design in the style toolkit. Added a basic options panel. The user has the option to select between the two and can save his selection. Added help to each of the option fields.

Firefox 1.0.4
Internet Explorer 6.0SP2
Opera 8
K-Meleon 0.9

Konqueror 3.3.2, 3.4
Opera 8.01, 8.02
Firefox 1.0.4, 1.0.6, 1.0.7
Internet Explorer 6.0SP1 (through WINE)

Mac OS 9
Mozilla 1.2.1
Opera 6.03 (Config panel never appeared)
Internet Explorer 5.0 (The Maze never appears when generated)

Mac OS X
Firefox 1.0.3
Opera 7.54u2
Internet Explorer 5.2.3 (Maze never appears when generated)
Safari 1.3 (You cannot use JKLI to move anywhere.
           (S)olving does not work, (H)ints do not work.)

If you've tried Mazesmith on a different browser or version than the
ones listed above, please email me with the browser and what version
and if Mazesmith worked or not.

 - Going left at the start, and going right at the end, of a toolkit
   table will make the marker disappear, and issue a javascript error.

TODO AND IDEA LIST (no particular order)
 - Add new shapes. So if anyone makes a good one they would like to
   email to me for inclusion in the official version.

 - Add a random zone to the toolkit. Where the user will pick a zone
   where the script will use for the Changing end option.

 - Add option to resize the path width after a maze has already be

 - Add question marks to every label. Then, when the user clicks on
   one, it will popup a box (either a new window or an info box) that
   will show more details on that specific label.
Author: Robert Klein (aka brathna, fka bAAGi)

My thanks go out to the following people and websites: